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Hello and Welcome to the new look site

So I figured it was about time that the website and logo were updated.

Truth is, in the begging it was a great idea. That great idea soon turned into hours of work, change and frustration. So I decided to simplify things.

I wanted something fresh and to the point for the logo, and something quick, clean and simple for the website.

So here it is...

You'll have to bear with me whilst I update the portfolio and projects sections but I’ve migrated a few select blog posts over.

So I’ve introduced a new personal projects section, updated my "About me" and I now have a far faster a simpler way of you contacting me.

All of which are going to be constantly updated and refined so that I can offer you the best service yet.

As a way of saying thanks, let's kick start the year off with a bang. Get in touch if you'd like me to be part of that. Or stick around and there might be a few surprises...

Anyway, I’d love to know what you think?

As always, thanks for you time

R.Orange ;)


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