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Top 10 tips for Photographing YOUR New Years Eve

You don't need to be a pro photographer to take better images. You don't need to have the worlds most expensive camera or gear either. But you do need to have knowledge and pheducation (photography education... yeah... that’s one of my words! - It's Christmas Day and the JD and Coke's are going down nicely).

Anyway, here's my top 10 tips for Photographing your New Years Eve.

1)  Don't be afraid to strip away colour.

Black and White is a sure fire way to capture emotion. No colour to distract the viewer, just your subject and you.


2) Shoot high

Try for a higher angle. Everything looks the same if you shoot from how you stand. Try something new, break out the ladders, a chair, or a friends shoulders just get up there and give it a go!

3) Shoot low

Get down on the floor, get your belt buckle dirty, and pretend you're a cat. Whatever it takes, a different viewpoint is a refreshing viewpoint. See the world from someone else’s eyes. Get down on the same level as your children!

4) Shoot the detail.

Tell the story, set the scene, and just shoot the detail!



5) Know your light.

The fundamentals of a Photograph. The make or break of a Photograph.

Note: The image below was taken circa 5:30am. There was no light, it was still dark outside. Yet, with a simple off camera flash I made it appear like the sun was coming through the window.


6) Look beyond the norm and try something different.

Look at your scene in a different way! You have nothing to lose!

7) Add depth - Make it candid

Make the viewer feel like they are there.

8) Life isn't perfect, don't fret the small things.

The below image is "a mess". The table, was just covered in stuff.... embrace it, you don't live in a show home so people don't expect that from you.

9) Be consistent

Want to make all your images look that extra bit special... be consistent!
(ironically there is no image to go with this post)

10) Capture people being people and capture the day


11) Ok so I lied. You get a free tip (as it's Christmas).

Most importantly ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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