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How these simple photo's changed my Photography

It's been a while since i've blogged, i can only apologise for that.

Today i wanted to bring you something that changed my view on my Photography. I'm always looking to push myself to be better and sometimes, that means either stepping out your comfort zone or doing something you normally wouldn't. That being said, i decided to take a few hours out to Shrewsbury and mix in with the crowds.

A pretty interesting experience, pointing you camera towards people can provoke all kinds of reactions. Varying from a smile, to a face that can cause thunder. However, my approach was to simply capture everyday life or everyday happenings. I didn't want my camera to get in the way, i didn't want the technical aspects of a perfect photo to get in the way... composition, perfect exposure, perfect lighting... None of that was my prioirty. Truth is, most of these were shot from the hip.

My goal was simple, to get out and try something different... to better myself.

When i got back to process the images, i was thrilled. Yes, they are far from perfect images, some are out of focus, blurred, the lighting is wrong but for once non of that mattered.

These photo's changed the way i look at things, street photography is a wonderful thing and when i was processing the images i was hoping to somehow retain the film look. There is no re-take, it's all about capturing real events as they happen.

This was a first, the first of many. It's an exercise of opening your eyes. For once, mine weren't glued to a screen. ;)

So here they are....