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The Missing Sports Day Photo…

So here’s a photo of my Daughter on Sports Day at her Nursery

Can’t see the attachment? That’s because there isn’t one…

Before Sports Day commenced one of the ladies at Nursery announced that no photos should be taken until they find out what the “rules” are. Completely understandable and justifiable I thought. So management came out and asked if there wasn’t a problem. There was, a child’s parents objected to having any photos taken. Now, before anyone jumps on my back, this ISN’T about that child’s parents, nor is it a rant. In fact, I completely respect the decision of the parents. I mean, come on.. I’ve got Thousands of pictures of my daughter. Not getting one of her at Sports Day isn’t going to cause the world to end. Besides, it gave me a great discussion topic…

Admittedly, at first I was a bit disheartened. This was my Daughters Sports day and I wanted to capture it for memory sake as I’m sure all parents did Not to mention the wife was working, so it was the only way she could see how it went. But has today’s society destroyed moments like this? – The internet is a huge place… it’s World Wide for crying out loud and anything you put on it is accessible by most. Sadly, that includes the “bad” people that appear to be saturating the news. But is it right to stop another parent from taking photos of their own child(ren)? Legally, where would you stand?

Let’s take a look…

In the world we live in freedom of speech is one thing we have, the act of speaking out and saying you don’t wish your child(ren) to be photographed is something we should be fortunate that we have. But has Social Media forced us to think differently? The truth is, these “bad” people have been around for years and years. Look at all the recent cases of past time celebrities but has Social Media just made this easier to get hold of? I don’t’ necessarily think the world is getting worse (I haven’t exactly lived through generations to be so sure), I just think that it’s much easier to find all this information out now. But is it this that is scaring people into thinking differently?

But let’s not get onto the politics of it all.

Statistically, whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not, you are out there in the World Wide Web. Just think how many billions of camera’s are out there, how many millions and millions of photo’s/video’s CCTV are taken every day, day in, day out, that you will feature in the background of… All this is accessible by many.

But with A Nursery Photo, where your child may or may not happen to be in the background, at least this way, you know it’s been taken right?

But is this the point? Featuring in the background or at least not the main subject?

Like I say, I’ve got thousands of Photos of my daughter but there’s a small fraction of those that are on the web. I don’t post every single photo I take. As a Photographer, I post the photos that I believe help promote my business, some of which happen to be of my Daughter. There are thousands of family photos that I have that just don’t belong on the internet and for me, that’s where the Sports Day photo would sit under (Ironically, the lack of photo sparked this post though). So is it the fear of it being put across on Social Media? Of course, this is something you have zero control over. I also have many photos from past clients who preferred their photos to remain off Facebook and they have. This isn’t an issue for me, it’s simply respect!

Now legally, the Nursery grounds are (I believe) private property BUT I’m not sure that warrants anything in this case, certainly not if the child in the photo is your own. I guess you could be asked (or removed) from site in extreme cases but even then, the images are already taken and if you were asked to delete them, that’s threatening and/or destruction of property…. But I’m no Lawyer.

I'm not wanting to start some left wing / right wing kind of debate here. This is about Photography remember. 

and on that note.... I’ll leave it with you.

R Orange