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60 minutes - 11 headshots

On Thursday I was asked to do some headshots by a friend. He wanted a uniform and consistent look for the whole team at work, so that it could be used on their team page.

Not a problem I thought, but then he threw me this curveball… It was a team of 11 and it needed to be done in an hour. A timetable was put together and (to save you the math) its 5 minutes set up and 5 minutes per member….

I don’t do slap dash… and it’s certainly something I’ve never done before in such a tight timescale.

Challenge accepted!

- I arrived on time, the room was full with tables, chairs, whiteboards, leading to very minimal working space. The windows were tinted and the weather was heavily overcast with showers. The room was lit with (horrible) office lighting from the ceilings. I needed to keep things simple and quick so armed with nothing but my camera and a single reflector I set about.

How did it go? - It was brilliant, spending a few minutes per person, trying to gauge their personality was interesting. I had one rule and one rule only... I wasn't to say "smile" (or cheese, or sausages, or smarties, or any other cliche you can think of).

Here’s one of the images from the shoot that I got permission to share.