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Couple shoots - Not just for Engagements and Weddings

Be honest, look around your room now, how many photo’s do you see with you and your partner? 1? 2? 0? You may even have dozens of your favourite holiday snaps – Maybe it’s that 1 photo that was taken by a family member or friend before you went on a night out? (I’ve seen lots of these) and maybe that’s your favourite photo, of course it is. You spent ages getting ready, making sure your hair was perfect (and this applies to guys too), you maybe even treated yourself to a new outfit and perfume/cologne. Do you know what? You absolutely deserve that photo and every time you look at it, it makes you smile right? – Take a look at it now and how do you feel? Do you remember that day well? That night out? Can you remember what you were thinking when that photo was taken?

Feeling pretty good right?

See, that is what photographs are all about, that is exactly how I intend my photographs to be viewed. You can’t always replicate a happy feel good moment, but you can create them.

What if I told you I could give you that feeling time after time and all I need is an hour of your time? – Sounds pretty good right? Timeless photos that you can look at time after time and get that feel good emotion from. Having fun, being silly, being serious, being romantic but importantly creating positive emotion.

You see, couple shoots aren’t just for Engagements or Weddings… So why wait?

I’d love to hear more about that photo you love….