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My Latest Portrait Project

Some of you may have seen my recent Blog post where I mentioned product lighting can be done just using a torch, a long exposure and a dark room. Now – obviously I’m not claiming that this is the best way to do that. It’s just a creative way of experimenting that’s all.

Anyway, I wanted to see if I could push something similar for my portrait work. I realised that a long exposure was out of the question. There would be way to much subject and motion blur to deal with. But I wanted to see what I could gather from what was inside the house and see what I could create.

So I created this…

Now, firstly this isn’t the best quality, it’s not the best lighting but it’s what I am a calling phase 1. Which means it gives me something to work on and improve.

So how is it done?

Firstly I found Lily-Mae’s hula hoops outside (the type you spin around your waist). I then wrapped 2 sets of Christmas lights around it and then placed a third set for the background.

The whole thing was literally held together by chairs “squashed” together, wires draped everywhere and somehow Lily-Mae in the middle.

The lights you can see here are the Christmas lights and a room light behind. The warm cast light on her face is from the Television which is just to her left (camera right).

The conclusion is that the light’s weren’t powerful enough this time around. Whilst it created the catch light I wanted. There wasn’t enough power without cranking up the ISO (hence the decrease in image quality).