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Macro - A game of chance?

Macro Photography is like no other genre (Truth is, they are all different but can be used together to create some great images).

The thing with Macro (especially when it comes to insects) is that a lot of it involves luck, time of year and a lot of patience.

Not only are you waiting for the right shot, someimes it's a fraction of a moment, other's it's longer. But you are also really looking into the small detail of things, otherwise you can miss it.

This fly for example, i noticed him sitting on the Ivy leaf, as i brought the camera closer and closer he was fixated on me and didn't flinch. In the end the lens was a matter of about 10cm away from him. You imagine the size of this fly and the size of a camera lens. Put that into scale and thats one heck of a stare out.

Anyway Mr Fly.... I Thank You for your co-operation.


But there are ways to help you guarantee a succesful insect shot and that is to know your plants. (I'll confess i leave the Gardening to the Wife)

Lavendar for example is perfect for Bee's. Sure they are quick and they hop from lavendar head to head. But stick with it and it can pay off.


And my final one for today is the great Butterfly, typically found on Buddleja and if you're lucky can be found by the half dozen..