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When Reality Reaches Tv Expectations

I'm sure you've all seen those Crime Scene Tv Programmes whereby they access a nearby camera, zoom in on the image and can easily identify a registration plate or face.

Then you sit there and say "as if".

Truth is, it's not impossible and in the near future a darn site more probable than it ever has been.

Take a look at the image below, each of the "cut out" sections are from the same image. There isn't any voodoo magic going on whereby i somehow asked people to freeze what they were doing whilst i took seperate shots zoomed in. No, what you are looking at here is roughly a 120mp photo.

Now i had to downsize the image greatly because it's a huge file (hence the restrictions of making this a current reality) and i didn't want to crash my website. Also for obvious reasons i blanked out peoples face.