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The Photographers Eye

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we as humans, have 2 eyes? No, me neither. That wasn't until I came across this photo however and it got me thinking. 

I did some research and the basics is because it provides depth. Makes sense right? Here's a little test, close one eye put your hands by your side and then bring them up and with your index fingers, touch the tips.... You should find that much harder with just one eye open. 

So how about photography? A photograph is essentially a flat image.

The most fundamental part to building a 3D image is light and shadow. Take a drawing of a circle, add shadow and it starts to look 3D. Surely you did those doodles in class?

Next is lens choice, when you "zoom in" (or use a tele-photo lens) you are also compressing the background and making it look much closer than it is. Not forgetting the role in which aperture effects depth of field (but we won't go into that)

Take a look at the below images to see what i mean. (demonstrated by the beautiful Lily-Mae)


The choice of lens is just a small step in defining the image, but it's equally an important one.