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The Story Behind The Mask

Ok, so you've seen the recent images from the Spider-girl shoot (if you haven't you can see them at the bottom of this post).

But why?

Is it something I forced upon my Daughter for my own pleasure? Absolutely not... That would have been the Iron Man costume she was having none of ;)

Ok, joking aside. Whilst there are a few female heroes* there is a strong focus on the majority being male. Are children being "forced" into a way of thinking before they have chance to choose for themselves. One of the biggest things we have is the freedom of choice. Something that shouldn't be taken away from us.

*Hero is now recognised as a gender neutral term

** I'm not saying that Spiderman should have been a girl, or the Hulk should have been "Bettie Banner". This isn't about the comic book writers being sexist.

But this got me thinking, not all girls wear pink and likewise not all boys wear blue. Lily-Mae picked the outfit herself. I admit, I asked, but she chose Spiderman.

When she chose the outfit she knew what it was for. I explained the reasoning behind why I wanted to do it and Lily-Mae's response (whilst excited) was that she wanted to remain anonymous. She actually said let's pretend my name is Katie.

A 5-year-old, embarrassed? If this is the case, we only have ourselves to blame.

So after getting excited about the idea (by the way, she told me she used to dress up as Spiderman at Nursery and she LOVED it) we made our way to the check out with a Snow White dress and the Spiderman Costume. What happened next confirmed my reasoning behind this.

The young man scanned the Snow White costume and placed it in a bag without saying so much as a "hello". He then picked up the Spiderman costume, looked at Lily-Mae, smiled and said (in a jokey way) "Is this for you, is it?"

Lily-Mae bowed her head and went shy. Yes, this was for her. Yes, she picked it and Yes she was excited about it. But the 'girls wear pink' and 'boys wear blue' imprint was raised.

I don't think what the lad said was wrong, nor would I frown upon such a comment or get my back up. It's life. It's what we've had imprinted on us. I actually thank him for proving my reasoning behind the concept correct.

So, this is "Katie" and this is her "curse"....