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Be Prepared for 2016 (Part 1 - Winter)

Another year is over. Wow! Did it really go that fast?!  I’ve learnt a whole bunch of stuff; some things that I want to pass on to YOU, to enable you to get the best out of your 2016 portrait session.

Every day this week I will publish another part of this post, to help you get the most out of 2016. So do check back from time to time and visit my Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out!

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The Weather

Sadly, we can’t predict the weather but what we can do is utilise the seasons. Seasons shift little by little each year, but predominantly they don’t change. But why are seasons so important? Well, for an outdoor portrait photographer like me, they couldn’t be more important…

With each season brings it’s own look/feel/style to an image. Weather changes, colours change, sunlight changes. These changes make a huge impact on your images. Take a look at my Gallery and see if you can tell which season they were shot. Remember to come back and finish reading though!

December – February (Winter)

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark and we might even have snow. But none of that should stop you from getting out and having some photos taken. The low winter sun can make for some amazing and interesting photos particularly around sunset. Typically an hour before sunset is what is known as “The Golden Hour”, this is where the light is at its best. The bonus of this, sunset is much earlier on. Whilst you might get depressed by this thought, going to work and coming home in the dark isn’t ideal. What it does mean is that sunset is typically before your little one’s bedtime or before you head off on to “date night” BONUS!! You get better lighting AND you don’t need to upset any of your routine. See, winter’s not so bad hey?

"But Rich… it’s cold!"

Wrap up warm, bring a hat, pack a scarf, don’t forget your gloves and if we’re lucky we can build a snowman! (D’ya wanna build a snowman?) The air is crisp, you can see your breath but you’ve never felt more alive. I don’t know about you, but wrap me up warm and I’m a huge fan of Winter. With shoots available from as little as £30 per hour. It’s perfect!

Let me set the scene…

Christmas has come and gone, that third Christmas dinner you had has meant your jeans are a little tighter than you remember. Perhaps that tin of celebrations could have lasted a little bit longer.

Let’s face it, if you are anything like me then you’ve packed on a few pounds and the last thing you are feeling is good. You feel like you’ve put on 4 stone and you’re forced to dig out that bigger coat you have when you step outdoors. But wait! It’s winter… you pack on layers to stay warm, you don’t need to slip into your skinny’s or get into that little black dress (guys, you probably shouldn’t be trying this either). Suddenly that photo shoot you want booked isn’t such a bad idea. All those layers are going to hide away that extra pound or two you’ve put on and you’ll be outdoors burning it off anyway... PERFECT!

Remember it’s never too early to book your shoots.

Best time:

It’s no surprise that winter can be dark, cold and miserable. That doesn’t mean your photos have to be too. Aim for 2 hours before sunset for some golden hour setting sun images.

Recommended booking time:

January 14:00 – 15:00
February  15:00 – 15:50