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Be Prepared for 2016 (Part 3 - Summer)

(June – August) Summer

At long last, here’s hoping for a good one. But for your photo’s, now has never been more important to aim for those golden hours (2 hours before sunset). With the sun peaking very high at Midday lighting is at its ‘angriest’. Harsh shadows and peaking highlights make flattering light fun to find. Midday is best avoided unless you want high contrast images, of course.

Best time
There’s a theme here, you see? Aim for 2 hours before sunset if you can, or if it’s midday then be prepared to be chilled in the cool shade.

Recommended booking time:

June: 19:30 – 19:40
July: 19:40 – 19:00
August: 18:45 – 18:00