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Be Prepared for 2016 (Part 5 - Location, Preperation, Indoors Vs Outdoors and more....

How to determine your location:

Choosing a location isn’t always as easy as it might sound. My advice is to pick somewhere that means something to you or somewhere you are comfortable. This could be a place you and your family regularly visit or a private hide-away tucked away somewhere.

Outdoors shoots are only limited by imagination. Think woodland, urban, city, or a playground, the possibilities are endless. However remember when selecting your location there are a few things to bear in mind.

1) Ease of access.
2) Potential weather conflicts (does it offer any shelter for winter months?)
3) Entry cost (is there an entry cost? If so, this will have to be covered by yourselves on all portrait sessions).
4) Permission to photograph. Places such as National Trust sites require prior permission to do photo shoots on. If you are having problems getting permission or you don’t know who to speak to, please just let me know.
5) Safety (This is paramount on all my photoshoots. So please make sure your choice of location is safe).
6) Stuck for ideas? Get in touch and leave it to me.

How to prepare yourself for a photo shoot

Luckily for you I wrote an “8 simple rules” post a while back. You can read that here….


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Indoors vs Outdoors

It may come as no surprise that I predominantly shoot outdoors. This is because it allows more space to run around, more options, and the ability to be more creative and personal to you. However in the winter months I understand that it can be wet and miserable outside and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get yourself motivated. This is why, this year I will be introducing my indoor studio shoots. These however will only be run on limited dates and must be booked and paid for in advance.

Please note: Due to the increased overhead cost, these sessions are more expensive than my outdoor sessions. Studio sessions start from £95 per hour (for a family) and include 30 high resolution digital images supplied via a private link.
*location of studio will vary depending on date required but all studios will be located in the West Midlands.

Studio sessions for single children/adults however can be carried out in your home (suitable space required). These sessions are available at £40 per hour and include 8 digital images supplied via a private link.

R Orange Photography is fully insured

Contact me for more info and available dates.


Portrait sessions start from £30 for 1 hour including 8 digital images.



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