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Time leaves it's mark


Years ago,  sadly,  my Grandma passed away. She was a lovely lady who never failed to make me laugh. Everytime we visited she would have bought a comic book for us (me and my brothers) , despite the fact I was gone 18 and it really wasn't appropriate anymore. She would shake that badly that when she made us a coffee by the time she got from the kitchen to the living room there was only half a cup left. 

She asked me one day about how to load her new camera with film. I explained to her it was a digital camera and that it didn't use film. She explained how the lad in the shop had told her it needed film, so we proceeded to joke about her having cupboards full of film that she couldn't use. 

She was a great woman but not what you would call tech savvy. When she passed my dad had the duty of going through her records, computer, accounts, etc  and discovered just how many things she had signed up for. She was the type of person who would click every popup she received. 

Still, we loved her for it. She had very little to her name when she passed and I was given a gold necklace with a cross on. 

It meant a lot to me but I could never wear it, it wasn't what you would call a gentleman's piece of jewellery. So, I took it to the jewelers and sold it... I know... it was probably wrong of me but there is a lesson to all this. 

I wanted to replace it with something I could wear, so I took the money and purchased a watch, the exact watch in the photograph. I knew that every time I looked at the watch it would remind me of her. 

However, she had the last laugh, a few months later I could no longer comfortably wear the watch. It would leave a horrible red rash (sweat I assume) everytime I wore it, so it had to be replaced. 

Now...  now it sits on the side as a reminder, wherever she may be... She got me good!