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Capturing vs Creating?

Capturing a 'moment' Vs Creating a 'moment' and does it really matter anyway?

So I figured I would dive into something a little deeper (It's been a while since I blogged but I figured as it's half term, I have a little more time). So stick the kettle on, spare yourself 5 mins and have a read. At the end I would appreciate it, if you had any input, or if you found it useful, let me know (or simply give it a thumbs up).

Inspired by a recent comment, I wanted to discuss the difference between capturing a moment and creating a moment and ultimately, if they serve the same purpose and have the same end goal.... Does it matter?

Firstly I'm going to look at "Does it matter?"

Whether you capture a moment, or create one, typically there is one end goal. Something that you want to show the viewer, something that you want them to feel, an emotion you want to strike, a reaction you want to receive. Be that, funny, thoughtful, romantic or whatever it is. You want the viewer to think or feel something. Even if all you are looking for is simple recognition.

This is regardless of your skill level, regardless whether you are Amateur or Professional, whether you use your mobile phone or a ££££ state of the art DSLR. Each time you click that shutter, you are doing it for a reason and it doesn't even matter if that reason is for yourself, the point being.... there is something you want to achieve. So whether you capture or create, if you achieved your end goal... does it really matter?

Because you created a moment, does that make it any less of a moment than one you captured? Sure, it might be less organic. But for that split second that photograph was taken.... Can you really say that it was all just an 'act'? (note: specifically in this case I am referring to 'real world' people, simply directed or instructed in a specific manner). If these people have a genuine connection to each other, is it really just one big stage?

Everyone wants to look good in their photographs, but not everyone knows how (enter Photographer).

On a Wedding day there are literally hundreds of things that are happening throughout the day, at any given time. As people carry about their lives, be that getting ready to Marry their soul mate, or simply getting ready to put their dancing shoes on. When you have that many people in a room, that many emotions free to run wild, moments are going to come a lot easier than just 2 people on their own (in a much shorter space of time). Over the course of the day, as things unfold, natural events are going to occur, these little moments of time are going to present themselves to be documented.

But when you have a limited time, when you are creating images specifically for the purpose of capturing an emotion or a sense of *something* (see... I managed to use create and capture in the same sentence) then these things surely must be created?

In basic terms, if your photography is not 100% documentary then you are creating, if there is any engagement between you (as a photographer) and your subject then you are creating.

Sure, in the end, what you actually did was capture what you created, Which takes us right back to the beginning... Does it really matter? 

A lot of people I speak to are always looking for those natural photographs, which begs the question.... How natural are these photographs if a lot of it was created?

One for another day perhaps....

For now, I leave you with the image in question...
(Quite possibly one of my favourite images to date)