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It's All In The...

It's All In The...

It's all in the eyes, the lighting, the moment, the story, the emotion, the subject, the processing, the.... you get the idea...

It's been a while since I wrote one of these so please excuse me if things are a little rusty. I'm full of a cold and it's late...

When I first started really getting into Photography I remember reading about composition, the rule of thirds, Golden hour, F-Stops, ISO... the list goes on and on. I remember trying to absorb as much technical jargon as possible.... Wanting to understand exactly what it was that made/makes a compelling photograph.

What I learnt and went on to tell people, is that Photography is 2 things.

1) a Science
2) an Art

You can know all the science about lighting, about how a camera works... every last technical detail but without the Art, your photograph would be boring (or just a 'snap').

Likewise, you can have the worlds most creative eye.... but if you can never use your tools (camera and gear), your photographs are simply nothing but images in your head.

But still....

Regardless of that (and back on subject). What is it that makes a great Photograph? What if you wanted to make the Worlds best Photograph? - I'm sure you could read the science behind it until the cows come home, you could present a masterpiece in front of a panel of judges and win awards. But despite all of that.... You can never answer the question of 'What if you wanted to make the Worlds Best Photograph and the reason ties in with point 2 above.

Photography is an Art and like every Art, it is subjective. You can create the most technically perfect photograph going, but if it's emotion you are looking for and the photograph falls flat... it falls flat.

A technically perfect image can make you say "wow", it can bring you to "tears" but so can an overly exposed photograph. Simply because of the subject matter.

As technology advances, as we get more and more mega pixels and are camera's have the sensitivity to be used in almost pitch black. Taking a photograph is getting easier and easier, the tooling is getting better and better.... but the Art.... You can't manufacture that!

So what's it all in?

It's all in the mind. You like what you like.. because you like it.

Thanks for reading!