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Let It Snow

Let it Snow!

You’ve probably no doubt seen 1000’s of photos now of the snow. We tend to go a little crazy over here at the sight of the stuff.

Traffic grinds to a standstill and traffic accidents increase.

So, it’s the perfect opportunity to ditch the car (not literally), wrap up warm and go for a walk.

On the way back from picking the little one up from school we decided to take a little diversion through Apley Woods.

Everywhere just seems to magical and picturesque in the snow.

So, it’s time to drag yourself out from the warmth and go take a look around because (dare I say it)… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Stay safe this winter! Take all precautions that you can and only travel by road or rail if you absolutely have to.


Apley Woods | Snow | R Orange Photography
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