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Photography For All Year Round

Photography for all year round


I was talking to a lovely lady last week and she mentioned something which triggered me to write this Blog post.

As we were discussing the placement of photographs and the types of photographs she raised a point saying as much as she loves the autumnally colours she doesn’t want to look at her photographs in the middle of summer and see the whole family wearing coats.

2 points raised here.

1) That right there is the power of a photograph and

2) How exactly can you photograph for “all year round”?



I’ve talked many times about colours and fully expect to go into more in the future. I’ve talked about the different seasons providing different looks and in some respects, this is no exception.

Now, you can’t control the weather, if it’s raining or if it’s snowing, it’s going to be pretty hard pushed to display a neutral seasonal photograph. That’s not to say it’s impossible, you’re just more limited that way and you can’t account for the seasons, so during autumn when the leaves are falling (or have fallen) you can’t account for that. But all of that is part of the story. You can’t account for temperature, so if it’s freezing cold, unless you want your clients to suffer (not recommended) then they’ll be wrapped up warm.

So…. What exactly can you account for? What exactly can you do?

This got me thinking….

You simply don’t have to. That’s right, I said it. You don’t need to have a “neutral season” photograph because life throws so many variables at you that you simply can’t account for them all.

If you wear clothing to match the décor in your room, what happens if you re-decorate, or you change the rooms around, move house.

Point being, there are far too many variables to account for and if you try to satisfy all of these, you will simply end up never getting around to it. You shouldn’t be worrying about what happens if you re-decorate, or what happens in a different season. You should simply be focussing on having them done because you could use excuse after excuse to not having them done. These are memories that you are making. In years to come you won’t really care that you were wearing a coat, or that your scarf is and neither will your great grandchildren.

There are ways to mitigate these issues; for example, coats can be taken off for short bursts of times. Wearing multiple layers rather than 1 or 2 really thick ones.

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