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Remember CD's?

Do you remember a time when everything was on CD? Music, Software and dare I say.. Your photographs?

Do you remember the last time you saw a CD? The world around us is constantly changing, technology is constantly improving. CD’s are now a thing of the past. With music and films that can be streamed instantly to your TV. MP3’s are now purchased online and downloaded instantly. Whilst the CD is still around, pop into your local Music shop and you’ll see. The CD in the household is becoming something of the past. Computers are now being shipped without CD readers as standard and they’re becoming somewhat of a bolt on accessory. No longer a must have!


So what about Thumb drives/Flash Drives or USB Sticks?

Have you kept an eye on them lately? Truth is, unless you’re a gadget wiz or have a general interest in IT you might have skipped the fact that they are now capable of holding 1tb of data. Some of which are even wireless so you can stream to your phone or even save data from your phone to the USB Stick without any physical connection at all. USB 3.0 replacing older devices capable of far faster transfer speeds than ever before.

I marvel at technology, it’s a wonderful thing and it seems to be advancing at a superb rate.

Which begs the question, What next?

In 5 years time, where will digital storage take us? We have cloud storage now (which as talked about, is still physical hardware) and there will obviously always need to be a form of physical storage (At least… that’s what you’d like to believe).

Ok, for now, we’re in a comfortable place. You can still buy CD reader’s. You can even play Vinyl but what about in 50 years time? In 100 years time?

Have you ever looked at a photograph taken from circa 80 years ago? – Have you ever held a photograph that old. I have, do you know what I noticed?

Nothing’s changed. Sure, cameras have got better, the ability to capture more detail is certainly there but what hasn’t changed is the fact that you’re still able to hold a photograph in your hand and there’s no need for a computer, no need for some luxury accessory, no password required, no need to go out and invest in something else. You simply hold it in your hand and look at it. Place that on your wall and you don’t even need to hold it… Now that, is hands free!

That’s spectacular, right?

Here’s a thought. You stick all your photographs on a USB stick, you put it in a nice keep sake box and you put it in the Attic.

Now, you do the same thing with your Album/Photographic Prints. You put them away in an archival box and put them in the Attic

Fast forward 50 years and you’re sat in your living room with your grandchildren on your knee. “Grandma/Grandad” they say “What did you look like when you were younger?”

You suddenly remember (here’s hoping your memory lasts) that keepsake box you put away in storage.

Which do you think you’re going to grab? The Prints/Album or the USB Stick?

A lot of the choices we make today are “in the moment choices”. We rarely ever think of the future. Sure, we might plan for the future, we might have life goals. But rarely do we plan for the next generation, or the generation after. Think heirlooms.

Maybe it’s time we started planning.


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