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Take More Of These….

Take more of these….

“Selfies” or whatever they are called these days (is it truly a ‘selfie’ if it contains more than one person?) aren’t an unfamiliar concept. Some people take plenty of them, others not so much.

My plee for you however is to take more of these, especially with your children.

Look, I get that you might not like yourself, you might feel you aren’t photogenic in the slightest (I’m not)… You hate your flaws, you’re not alone! Which is why I’m not asking you to take these and post them all over social media. You don’t need to do this for ‘likes’ or so you can show everyone how amazing your life is. Do this for your older self.

And here’s the thing….

Make funny faces… play up to the camera… smile, laugh, cry, pretend to be sad, pout… none of that matters because your older self will thank you for it! 30 years from now when you’re looking at that duck pout selfie you took. Do you think you’re going to regret it, or do you think you’re going to say “Man…. I was stupid” and then laugh! – So what?!?! Big deal!

Don’t take 400 of them in one go, retaking the photo so you look your best…. That doesn’t matter. These are nothing but little 2 second snaps in time. Whether you’re sitting in a fast food chain, out taking a walk, or relaxing on the sofa. These are the insignificant significances*

But here’s the rules (Oh…. Here he goes, spoiling the fun!!)

I have one rule…. And one rule only… When you take the photo.. NEVER EVER say “ohhhh let’s delete that I look horrible”.. or “I look disgusting.. let’s do that again” or “eurghhh look at my chins… let’s try again”.

NEVER… just don’t… period!

Each and every time you are doing that in front of your children you are teaching them that what society see’s as “imperfections” are indeed imperfections. Scrutinising yourself in front of your children is the worst thing you can do. They are sponges… they take everything on board and before you know it. They are no longer looking at themselves at face value.

Want to re-take the picture? Just say “Ohhh.. that didn’t save” or “Ohhhh no, that’s blurry”. It is as easy as that!

So what are you waiting for? Go out this Summer Holiday and embrace yourself? – You don’t need to post any of them to social media, nobody else needs to see them!

Just promise me you’ll take more of them.

Look I totally understand the value of having professional portraits taken. I would never advise that these can be replaced. BUT, I get that you can’t afford to have a Professional Photographer follow you around all day for the rest of your life either (side note: If you can afford this… I’d love to hear from you).

Do you really want to have no photographs of you and your children because you are a little over weight? Or that your hair wasn’t quite right? – Just think about that. The more you take of these, the more confident you will start to feel!

*insignificant significances are exactly what they sound like (eh?) – They are the moments in time that are significant, yet, are somewhat insignificant. Something like a Wedding is NOT one of these. You know… for that, you might want to consider hiring a Professional.