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The Franka Solida 1

The Franka Solida 1

On a recent vacation away we came across an Antique shop, I don’t typically go to any of these. Truth is, I’ve never really been interested. But something about being in a different place, made me want to look around for hidden gems.

I came across a cabinet that was full of ‘old cameras’. Much to the wife’s delight, I then spent about 30 mins (possibly (probably) more) looking at all these cameras. I must admit, I know very little about the history of camera makes and models but I was intrigued.

After spending quite some time deciding which to choose (it was a present from the wife). I picked this!

I knew nothing about the camera, other than it had character. There were numerous Nikon F50’s on the shelf. All of which looked to be in great condition. But I didn’t want that. I wanted something that was scarred, something that looked like it had been well used.

I couldn’t really care less if it worked, I wasn’t fussed if things were missing, if dials had fallen off or if it was broken.

What fascinated me, was simply the thought of where this camera had been and what it had seen. The things that appeared in front of this cameras lens fascinated me more than anything. Sure… it might have just had a rough life and seen very little of the world, but that’s something I will never know. I won’t pretend that it has been around the world and taken amazing images. But at some point in it’s life…. It’s seen something. Once upon a time, someone was wandering around with this camera, recording their own little moments and memories. It might have simply been of family and friends.

It turns out that the Franka Solida 1 started its life being manufactured in the 1950’s. I could quite easily be looking at something that is circa 60 years old.

I love stuff like this, because sometimes I think that the digital world (as thankful for it as i am) has devalued a certain meaning behind stuff like this. We start to take 'images' for granted. There's no doubt a few people out there saying "It's a piece of junk.. throw it out" but that's me.

If anyone has any stories about these cameras I would love to hear. 

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