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They say there's a story behind every image

They say there’s a story behind every image.

I’ve known Tez and Jules for a little longer than 2 years (Jules, alone, much longer). We don’t spend lots of time together but they keep some great company. Besides, Tez tells the best ‘Dad jokes’ going! (They really are that bad, they’re good!)

I was first privileged over 2 years ago with photographing Teddy at 14 days old, again, I photographed him, his sister’s, Jules and Tez when Teddy turned 1. This year, Teddy turned 2 and Jules was telling me how much they enjoyed spending time on the coast! (I was jumping at the thought – Mostly down to the fact it wasn’t ‘Apley Woods’!) and as Jules has pointed many people my way, there was no way I was about to refuse!

The relationship between Jules and Tez has always been something special. You know the kind…. 2 people who just seem so right for each other. But I won’t go into the details, somethings are right to remain private (and for the purpose of this post, are mostly irrelevant).

The reason for this post however, is this…

During the Family session we had, I was eager to grab a photograph of just the 2 of them (you know…. That’s kind of ‘my thing’). Jules had already explained that she wasn’t overly keen on having her photo taken (A bit like most people really). So I knew I wanted something quick, something painless (Heads up: 99.9% of photographs are painless - the 0.1% being when you slip over and bang your elbow, or you cut your foot on a rock! - both true stories and both happened to me whilst away) but anyway... I wanted something that would capture the bond between the 2 of them.

60 seconds! 

From the first frame to the last, it was 60 seconds! The sun was setting.. very quickly and I was losing the light that I wanted! In amongst the chaos of the children screaming and running about behind me, I got this.

Just 2 people, mad for each other. Sharing that 60 seconds alone!

Thanks for reading!

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