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Be Unique

Be Unique

Whether you want to admit it or not, once that date is set, every Wedding that you attend becomes a wedding for comparison. You check out the venue, the table decorations, the flowers, the favours, the little touches, the layout of the day…. Everything is analysed.

And why shouldn’t you?! You draw inspiration from things you loved, note down things you liked and things that you feel didn’t work.

When you go to a Wedding as a guest you are given a perspective that you don’t see as the Bride and Groom. There is no disputing that. The 3 hour wait that you had from the ceremony to the evening reception, where you sat in the lounge bar, trying to keep the children entertained. That felt like 30 mins to the Bride and Groom as they get the formal photographs done, spend a little amount of time alone and try to get around everyone to thank you for coming.

It’s perspective.

Admit it, you were bored? You felt like that wait was for ever… wondering if you were going to see any more food that night.

You walked away and said “That’s not going to happen at our wedding”.

Drawing inspiration is absolutely fine; it’s a fact of life. You see a poster of a guy in a nice suit or a woman in a beautiful dress and you’re inspired.

Often I see and hear of couples move venues, because their friends got married there. Change up the food because they are tired of having the same thing. Move the ceremony to later in the day so the wait isn’t as long.

Noticeably this is with couples who have attended multiple Weddings in the past year or 2. Understandably, if you haven’t attended a Wedding before then other than magazines, the internet, how can you draw inspiration. How do you know what will feel like too long? How do you cater for food?

Trends. When it comes to Weddings, there are certain trends that can be seen. With a vintage wedding involving hessian, chalk boards, sweet carts , bunting and a very light/bright feel.

But your wedding doesn’t need to be a Trend if you don’t want it to be. We kind of feel like we need to flow with what’s “in” at the moment. Sure, they’re typically a trend for a reason but if you don’t feel that it fits with who you both are, switch it up, make it unique.

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