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Civil Ceremony Or A Church Wedding

When it comes to choosing whether to have a Civil Ceremony or a Church Wedding for some, the decision is easier than others.

Perhaps it’s tradition, perhaps for as long as you can remember you’ve always pictured yourself walking up a church aisle (or standing at the end of one). Or perhaps you want the convenience of everything being in one place and the flexibility that a civil ceremony offers.

Whichever you choose is entirely up to you both.


A Church Wedding

A Church Wedding offers somewhat of a “traditional” view of a Wedding day. Where Bridal Preparations take place at a nearby home or even a nearby hotel. Typically followed by a grand car taking one partner to the Church, where at the Alter, the other stands nervously waiting. From there on, it could be a case of a few photographs at the Church, hopefully with a stunning backdrop. A drive out somewhere for a few couple photographs and a break from the crowd will give you time to breath and take in each other’s company. Then, when you’re ready it’s onto the Wedding Reception to catch up with your guests, eat some food and be merry.


A Civil Ceremony

A Civil Ceremony on the other hand, means that you’re in one place. Typically you are able to check in the night before, so when you wake up in the morning, you can roll out of bed, grab some breakfast and wait for the preparations to start. There’s no need to worry about packing bags, or ‘checking in’. Of course, there’s no grand car arrival. So that’s something you should consider. Typically a much shorter Ceremony, means you are married in no time and here’s the bonus…. Usually there’s a nice glass of bubbly waiting for you as soon as you come back down that aisle so you can get into the swing of things straight away. A lot of venues offer some stunning scenery and grounds all within walking distance so your couple portraits are taken care of. Also, dare I say it… If it rains, there could be a 0% chance of you getting wet… at any point of the day. Though it’s worth pointing out, some ceremony’s take place outdoors or in different buildings so check your arrangements with your venue.

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