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Couple Portraits – How long Should You Schedule.

When it comes to doing your timeline, you may find a designated slot for Photographs. Be this for group photographs, couple portraits or just natural and candid fun.

So, when it comes to this time, it’s good to invest it wisely. Do you mind or want to spend it all having your photographs taken? Would you rather more Couple Portraits? How many Group arrangements have you got?

This is a vital time to speak to your photographer. How long do they envision the group photographs to take? How long for the couple portraits? If you’re looking for several different looks, or spots around the venue, have you scheduled enough time for this? Look at your Photographers portfolio, how long did it take to do those images? Are you looking for a similar amount? Would you like more? Would you like less?

What about sunset images? Have you scheduled time for this, at the right time? You’re going to struggle to get those golden hour images if you’ve scheduled your speeches around this time. So it pays to work out timings depending on the time of year (Which I’ve blogged about recently).

Is there a little wiggle room in your timeline to cater for anything that might change on the day?

When it comes to couple portraits, you can spend from as little as 10 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on your own timeline and what you want out of it. What you can’t do, is expect to get the same level of photographs from 2 hours, in 10 minutes.

So it’s important to ask how long you will need.

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