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Don't Let This Tradition Die

Continuing on from my previous post (The Ultimate Guide to Group Photos) over the past 12 months I have noticed that many couples are having more experiences and opinions on the subject and most of which, are that it can be very time consuming. Trust me when I say, I feel your pain. I completely understand you on this one.

As wedding photography evolves, things are changing, weddings are becoming more and more unique (It’s an exciting time!!). However, the Group Photos (as much as it pains for me to say) is one tradition that I would hate to say Goodbye to.

For me, it is the perfect opportunity to document who was there on your day, so that years and years down the line you have these faces to treasure. It seems that often Weddings are one of few events scheduled whereby the whole family travels far and wide to arrive for. These are the very few times that everyone is in the same room together, that everyone shares these magical times with. I think that ought to be documented, don’t you?

And by documented, that’s what exactly what I mean. No “put that arm there”, “This arm here”, “ok, now move the elbow slightly”, “bend your left leg slightly”. That’s not a real way to document it.

So, show your personality…. Pull a face if you want to, wave your hands in the air if you feel like it, or just put your hands in your pockets. You don’t really need to be told how to stand. Sure, you might want a little guidance, your shirt being untucked might need a little attention. But, honestly… if you need to do something to help you get through that part of the day…. Just do it!

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