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How To Get Guests On The Dance Floor.

How to get guests on the Dance Floor.

For some, there is nothing worse than an empty dancefloor. Especially if you put the effort in to pay for a DJ or a Live Band.

The problem is, not everyone likes to Dance or not everyone has the confidence to Dance. So how exactly do you get people up on the Dance Floor?


#1 – Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Forgive the phrase! Ever seen a child watch something and then repeat it? It’s a great way to learn and believe it or not that characteristic definitely transfers over through to adulthood. All it takes is for a handful of people to get on the Dance Floor, bust some moves and look like they’re having the time of their lives….

People are guaranteed to follow.


#2 – Make It the Bridal Party’s responsibility.

Speaking from experience here, this is probably my number one ask of the Groomsmen/Ushers and Bridesmaids. Get people up on that Dance Floor! Whatever it takes (Ok… so don’t be too forceful here). Just because it is the evening, doesn’t mean that you are off duty just yet.


#3 – Accept that it won’t be packed all night.

Things may start slow, or they may end fast. Dancing, especially after a few beverages is very energetic and exhausting. You can’t realistically expect people to dance for hours on end.


#5 – Not everyone likes to Dance.

Be realistic about your guests. Some people really don’t enjoy dancing, but will happily sip their beverage, tap their feet and really enjoy the night. You should have a good gauge of your guests, so realistically should know what to expect.


#6 – Are you Dancing yourself

This ties in with “Monkey See, Monkey Do” but if you’re up there, strutting your stuff you’ll find a lot more people are wanting to join in. Even if its because it is guilt driven and they think they have to.


#7 – Are you playing the right sort of music.

Having a top DJ or the right Band is going to make all the difference here. If you’re not playing the right type of music for your audience, they’re never going to want to Dance. If you’ve chosen correctly, your DJ and Band will pick up on this and quickly change things up!


#8 – How big is your room.

The bigger the room the more empty it will feel when people aren’t around. Sometimes having lots of room is a good thing. It gives people chance to breathe and move around. Other times it can definitely make the place look empty. Your Wedding Venue should be able to offer advice on this subject. If you have 100 guests, a room that caters for 300 is probably going to be too big. But don’t go the opposite way either. Not enough room is going to get people hot and sweaty and force them outside for some air.


So there we have it, 8 things to consider when it comes to getting people up and moving and giving you a real sense of a party atmosphere.

Thanks for reading.

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