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How to Master walking down the aisle

How to Master walking down the aisle

Ok, so now you’ve seen it all right?

Left foot, Right foot, they call it walking. How hard can it be?

But how do you pace yourself with your chosen music? How do you know where to look? And when? Should you be fixed on your Husband to be? Should you be looking at your guests? Despite all of that, here you are walking in these incredible shoes, concentrating so hard not to fall over.

So “Mastering” it, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now, right?

First things first and this might sound silly but check the walk way.

I attended a Church wedding once where ¾ of the way up the walkway was vents on the floor. Vents that sadly acted as a cattle grid for the bridesmaid, who unfortunately initially stopped right over the top of them and whilst standing there, her heel kept slipping down the gap. Naturally this came with a gasping noise of shock every time it happened.

Secondly, girls you should know this already. Break those shoes in. Walk around the house now and again. They’re not going to be the most comfortable things to wear and chances are you’ll be into your ‘flats’ for the Wedding Breakfast but you really don’t want to be stumbling down the aisle because your feet are already sore.

Thirdly, Yes, I get that this is your BIG day, but not everything needs to be “BIG” please don’t wear heels higher than you are comfortably used to. I’ve seen it so many times (not just at weddings). Women wearing too high heels that they simply aren’t used to. You are far, FAR better walking in a heel size you are used to, than to try BIGGER because it seems like the right thing to do.

Those 4 inch heels might make you look like a princess when you’re stood still, but when you walk down the aisle, do you really want to look like Bambi?

So walk tall, look where you want, this is the first time you will see all your guests so go ahead, acknowledge them. Just remember…

and this is for the Bridesmaids also…

Keep your head up and smile! It’s not a mission to see how fast you can get down that aisle!

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