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How To Prepare For Your Morning Preparations

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How To Prepare For Your Morning Preparations

The morning preparation is like the breakfast of the biggest day of your life. It has all the potential to set you up for the rest of the day. So you want to get it right, right?

There are several things you can do to make the morning of your wedding go so much smoother, have it hassle free and feel more relaxed.

The great thing about all of this is that you even have people you can ask to help make this a reality. Yes, I’m talking about your bridesmaids/bridesmen or groomsmen

You don’t need to be a control freak about it all, but if your wedding party are older children or adults, giving the a task to do. It not only makes your day easier, it also helps them feel a part of the day. This can especially work for children, even if it is something simple such as to make sure your wedding party are well hydrated (water please!!) or they are well fed. These tiny little tasks can be handed out to each member to get you all working like a well-oiled machine.

Tidy Up

Have someone be on “tidy up duty”. Preferably one person, if there are bags/items on the floor have them put them away. It makes for much cleaner photos and a much safer environment. The reason you want only one on this job, is because, if they accidentally put something away that was in use, they are far more likely to know exactly where they put it and no one is going around the room tearing everything apart to find that “tool” to do up your dress (true story!) or those cufflinks you placed on the side.


Consider getting your wedding party matching gowns/pj’s. All white or a neutral colour works best. That way it saves Vicky being sat there with baked beans down her mickey mouse PJ’s… Not very flattering is it? Oh and lads…. Holes in socks are no a good look.


Sit or stand yourself close to a nearby window for your hair and makeup. Your Photographer, Hair stylist and MUA will thank you for it.


Hang your dress/suit and put out your shoes and accessories in an easy to access place. Your photographer is going to want to photograph all these details and it will save them from hunting around the room or disturbing you mid conversation. Or even worse…. Not being able to get the photograph at all.


Make sure you have breakfast and/or order some light food to the room. It is very important that you eat. It could be many hours until you get to eat food and with all the emotions you will go through on the day, feeling nausea because you haven’t eaten is not going to do you any favours… fainting on the aisle is not a good look.


Likewise, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. There will be plenty of bodies in the room and this is going to quickly raise the room temperature. Air conditioning can be a bit of a life saver but it can make the room dry. Just make sure you go to the toilet before you put on the dress.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t’ be afraid to ask your Photographer to leave. When it comes time for you all to put on your suits and dresses, if you don’t feel comfortable being photographed then just ask them to leave. Just make sure they are back in the room for the final touches (mother/sister/friend zipping/buttoning up the back or bestman/bestlady lending a hand with the cufflinks).


Whilst this is a relaxing part of the day and I always urge it to remain this way. When you first put on that dress or suit and everything is just right, it makes it the perfect time for some portraits. It could be one of the only times throughout the day you are alone and have the time to do this. It’s always nice to allow yourself at least 15 minutes before you are due to see the registrar to allow for this and more importantly time to collect your thoughts.

The Aftermath

You may well be surprised as just how fast time can go. One minute you check your watch and you have hours to go. Next time you check you’re down to the last 30 mins. You stare blankly around the room…. So much to pick up, to move, to remember.

Make a note of the key items you want with you throughout the day and pass them to a member of your party.

If you need to clean the room of all your belongings before you go, ask someone who’s not in the bridal party if they mind tidying up, sorting out before they leave.

If you’re having a civil ceremony and are there all day, some venues will clean your room for you or if you’re expecting to be in a different room for the night, they will even move your stuff.


The Art of Delegation

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the common occurrence here is delegation. The more you can delegate on your day (to a trusty source) the better. No matter how much your need for being in control is screaming, let it go for one day. Place your trust in your family and friends and let them handle it.

The more you delegate, the less you have to worry about and to be honest, that’s the number one way to enjoy your day!

Feat image: Amy at The Walled Garden, Beeston Fields, Nottingham.
For more info on the venue see - http://www.walledgardennottingham.co.uk/