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Keeping everyone happy on your big day

“Keeping everyone happy on your big day”


Often I speak to Brides and Grooms and I’m amazed at how many focus so much energy on making sure everyone is happy. It is almost as if they gear the wedding around everyone else and truly I believe that is a lovely thing to do. You want everyone to enjoy themselves, to make sure the children are entertained. Make sure nobody is out in the cold, that the Grandma’s and Grandad’s have a place to rest and sit down. The list goes on and in most respects this is simply a case of being accommodating to all of your guests.

it makes sense right? You want everyone to enjoy themselves and that’s perfectly fine. It’s called being a good human being.

But you must know that despite your best efforts this isn’t always the case and people understand this. Sometimes believe it or not you just can’t accommodate for everyone and sometimes it feels like despite best efforts, people are still left moaning about one thing or the other.

So here’s the thing. Do what you can, within your power and leave the rest to fall into place. Understand that this is your day. Anyone who has special requirements, or you wish to have special attention to let your bridal party and venue staff know. You spend so much time planning the perfect day and the last thing you need is the added pressure of making sure everyone is happy on your big day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I say this to every couple that I meet. If something doesn’t quite go to plan, if part of your table decorations are missing or the table plan is slightly incorrect. Don’t sweat it.

Sure, you’ve planned your day and you want it to be perfect and in an ideal world it would be. But there can be so many logistics and people involved that sometimes things get forgotten, human error occurs and things just don’t go to plan. Sure, you’ve paid a lot, both financially and emotionally but when things don’t quite go to plan, remember, you are the only people who know.