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Mastering Your First Dance

 Mastering Your First Dance

I get it, not everyone Is what you would call a dancer. I have two left feet so I know how it feels.

That doesn’t mean you can’t Master your first dance though. There are several things you can do and here’s my list of top tips.

1) Practice

Yeah, ok, so it’s not exactly extremely helpful but here’s the thing. If you want to be good at something, you’ve got to put the time and effort in. If you want to WOW your family and friends at the Wedding, put some time aside on the lead up to your Wedding and get some classes in.

2) The art of distraction.

Ok… hardly “mastering your first dance” but if you aren’t one for having everyone’s eyes on you whilst you two-step your way around the floor then go all out with your atmosphere. Smoke machines, fancy disco lights, bubbles, illuminating dancefloors. There are a lot of options. Try not to overdo it though, remember, with all that stuff going on you’re going to make your Photographer really work for that special image and too much of something can ruin the effect.

-          Smoke machines can really help hide those 2 left feet of yours.

3) Turn to the kids

30 seconds into your dance, all eyes are on you and you feel like you’ve been slowly spinning around for about 15 mins. Call the kids up to the floor, invite the guests on part way through the song. Remember though, try not to do it too early. There’s something special about having that one photograph of just you and your partner on the dance floor.

4) Try something else

Can’t Dance? Really don’t want to go the whole “romantic route” then mix it up a bit. It wasn’t that long ago that these “mix” dances took the Wedding industry by storm. Combining several different songs with comedy value dancing. It’s one sure fire way to be remembered.

5) No one is judging your dancing

That’s the truth, I came off the dance floor from my first dance with slight embarrassment, my feet were all over the place and I was only spinning round slowly. It’s my fault, I should have at least put some practice in. But see, everyone just comments on how lovely it was, how romantic it is and that’s the truth about it. No one really cares about your “dancing”. What captivates them is the atmosphere.

6) Don’t be outrageous if you’re not an outrageous couple.

If you don’t do outrageous things, your first dance probably isn’t the best time to start experimenting.

7) For the Gents

Guys, don’t do anything stupid. What I mean by that is, always ALWAYS put yourself in your brides shoes. When/If you come up with something extravagant, ask yourself.. “What would she think?” If the answer is, she’d be angry. Then don’t do it.

hanks for reading.