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Photo Journalistic, Creative, Traditional, What are you after?

Photo Journalistic, Creative, Traditional, What are you after?

So you’re looking for your Wedding Photographer and sometimes you might just feel that you come across a whole host of these descriptive words, but what exactly does it all mean?...

Honestly?! Sometimes I don’t even know myself. (Confession, I probably ought to have paid more attention to Mrs Roberts, my English tutor).

So, here’s a little guide I’ve put together to help you (hopefully) work out what it is you’re looking at…

“I’m a Documentary Photographer, capturing natural moments and emotion throughout your day” (also include Photo Journalism)

- Sounds good, sounds like it’s what you want, but before you get really excited, have a look at their portfolio, if what you are seeing are mostly posed photographs, then the above statement isn’t 100% true. Sure, there might be a lot of elements of documentary photography, but just make sure you aren’t heading down the wrong path. If you really don’t want to be posed, this isn’t the Photographer for you.

“I’m a Creative Photographer, capturing your day in a creative way”

- Again, look at their Portfolio, is it creative? What you’re looking for here is something that isn’t the norm, dramatic use of lighting, different angles, unusual concepts, something that you know makes the image completely different than anything else. You’ll know instantly when you see it and there are some fantastic and amazing creatives out there…. Oodles of them in fact.

Creatives will make the most out of a given situation. They will make things look different from what the eye can see.

“I’m a Moments Photographer”

- Goes without saying…. Check for moments... real moments…. The moments that you want to see captured yourself for your own BIG day.

Each Photographer is going to be looking for different things, things that they can spot easily because they have trained their eyes to see it. That might be the little quirky smile that someone has, the eye rolling of another when someone across the room is speaking, or just a child stuffing its face with cake (got that one!!). What resonates with you?

“I’m a Traditional Photographer”

- If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever come across this one myself. The art of being called “traditional” seems to have a stigma attached to it meaning a very posed setup. I guess, due to the nature of how Weddings were actually photographed back in the film days, this is how it’s seen. Or perhaps, it actually is a case of everything being posed?!

…. You get the idea..


So what you do, is you look at the images shown. If you like what you see then you take it from there… If the wording gets you all excited but the images don’t… walk away.

I speak for myself on this one, I’m not a word smith, most often and frequently, words fail me (or I fail them).

That being said, what about me?

That’s easy…

“I’m a Documentary Photographer with a Photo Journalistic Approach, capturing, natural, candid, creative moments of emotion with a traditional touch”

… I’ll leave that with you. ;-)