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Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Venue

When it comes to Wedding venues, here's one that will leave SHU STOKE’d

Ok, so excuse the pun, but if you can get through that, read on....

When Tiffani and Nick booked me last year for their Wedding at Shustoke Barns in Coleshill. I must admit, it's not a venue I've heard of before. I immediately did a bit of research and could instantly see not only why the couple have chosen this amazing venue, but why so many wedding photographers love it to.

The light is somewhat of a legend when it comes to this place, offering it's own spot lights throughout the barn on a sunny day.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I emailed the venue to see whether I could pop up and have a look at it for myself. I got an immediate response from Emma the Barn Manager who was very welcoming and warm in her email and helped schedule my visit around my availability! - and I'm the Wedding Photographer, I could only start to begin how couples who book here are treated.

So, yesterday I went for a visit. Immediately I was welcomed through the door with a smile. Happy to answer any questions I had and let me roam free. They also supplied a free drink for my Daughter, who sat with my wife whilst I looked around (I have to add, my wife was offered a drink). It's the small things that really make the difference and the staff here know that.

What I first loved about this venue is the brick, the wood, the light, the décor, the little touches, the beams..... Well.... pretty much EVERYTHING! My wife turned to me and said it's one of those 'we wish we'd seen this venue sooner' moments. The pros and cons of a Wedding Photographer I guess.

Head over to https://www.crippsshustoke.com/ for more!

Anyway, I will leave you with a few images and a final...

I cannot wait, to be back here in 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading.