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The Duty of the Groomsmen

The Duty of the Groomsmen

When it comes to the Gents finding out the news that their Brother, friend or relative is getting married one of the first things that will cross their minds is the Stag Do. That trip to Amsterdam, a week in Magaluf, what crazy outfit can we get the Stag in and beers, beers and more beers. “Looking after the Groom” (in the loose sense of the word) isn’t your only responsibility.

When it comes to the BIG day, it is your time to shine. Sadly, believe it or not, it is not an excuse to just get drunk and cop of with one of the bridesmaids. Whilst that may happen, your job is to go above and beyond for the Groom. Yes, I get it, that sounds boring. Though I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself. You have no need to turn the whole day into a “session”.

So talk to your Groom, find out what you can do, where he wants you and keep all that in mind for the day. On the day itself, you are one of his army. You report to the Bestman and that’s as high as you can go. If something doesn’t go to plan, or you are unsure of something then you speak to the Best man. Under no circumstances do you report to the Groom directly…. Got that?!

So you wake up in the morning, you make your way to the Grooms house, or the venue, or downstairs. Your job here is to make sure that the Groom is looking sharp. Feed him, get him coffee, straighten his cravat, whatever it takes. Also check the weather and when you arrive to the venue check for any diversions along the way that might disrupt other guests.

Greet the guests and show them to their seats….

So, you show people to their seats, you walk around all day talking to people, make them feel welcome. Get to know the family and provide people with information they need to know. You make sure everyone knows where to be and at what time and after the ceremony is done; you attend to the families to make sure everyone is ok.

When it comes to the evening do, now you can begin to relax. When the first dance is done it is your job to keep people on the Dance floor. People on the Dance floor are people having a good time. If you see the Dance floor empty then Dance with Grandma, Dance with the flower girl, Dance with the Bride, Just Dance!

When the Bride and Groom have gone, your work is done! You can take off your “Groomsman hat” and know that it’s over… for now.

Above all of this, on the lead up to the Wedding you need to speak to the Groom. Find out what he wants you to do, where he wants you to be. You may find that you don’t need to do much at all. You may find that he has a long list of tasks for you.