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The Great British Weather

Nobody wants rain on their Wedding day. But let’s be honest, the Great British weather is nothing but unreliable.

So, what happens if it turns for the worst on the day?
Well, the answer really all depends on how your day is planned. If you are aiming for an outdoor ceremony, how will the venue deal with things if it turns for the worst? Is there an alternative available at the last minute? If not, are you prepared for the worst? Can you honestly walk down the aisle, stand at the end in the pouring rain and enjoy yourself? If you can, then you needn’t worry.

What about Group Photographs? If you’re having them, is there a sheltered option should things turn for the worst? Understandably, you might feel a little gutted if you can’t use that scenic view as your backdrop but, at least it’s not all lost. But if you have 60+ guests, is there a suitable place indoors for everyone to squeeze together.

Is there sufficient space in your venue to cope with bad weather? Will it comfortably hold all your guests and still have enough breathing space to move around and interact.

Is there suitable entertainment for your guests in bad weather? If you’ve planned on sunshine and outdoor games, what about indoors? Is there sufficient room to carry on if the games need to be played inside?

For your couple portraits, are you happy to stand in the rain? If not, let your Photographer know so they can plan suitably in advance should things change.

The rain isn’t going to ruin your day. Sure, it might not be what you envisioned, but it’s only a real small factor so long as you’re prepared.

And on that note if you’re travelling from location to location, it might be worth popping an umbrella or 2 in the car. A white umbrella is typically best if you’re going down the traditional white/ivory dress route. You’re not being sponsored by *insert brand here* either, so try to avoid umbrellas with big logos.

**unless you are being sponsored by them of course.

Thanks for reading.