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The Importance of your timeline

The Importance of your timeline

 Knowing where to be (and when) is crucial for your big day to go as smooth as possible. But this doesn’t just apply to the Bride and Groom. Whilst I wouldn’t expect a detailed timeline to be delivered to each and every guest, it does help to have a select few in the Bridal party to know when and where people need to be should anyone ask.

It also, goes without saying that your Photographer is going to want to know your timeline also. Whilst, if you have a Wedding planner or a Wedding co-ordinator they are more than likely going to put together a timeline for you, it is always best practice to run this by your photographer.

Now, I’ll prefix this with the statement of your photographer does not (should not) control your timeline, they can certainly advise if they believe there is insufficient timing for the formals/group photographs, etc – depending on how many you are wanting to have and ask if anything can be switched around, etc. But it is merely a request.

Once you have your timeline, expect that it might be subject to change. The extent of this change varies on the circumstances. But (and I hate to tell you this) Weddings, very rarely run to the timeline. You can’t allow for every circumstance and whilst you might fully intend to finish the ceremony and get stuck right into the group photographs, there is a high chance that Uncle Bill who hasn’t seen you in years is going to want to stop you, congratulate you and generally attempt to catch up on life over the past few years.

There is no need to be rude, there is no need to panic over the timeline or stress out because someone has nipped to the toilet when it’s their turn for a photograph. Simply breathe, know that you allowed enough time to cater for these few occurrences and remember that it is your day.

I strongly encourage a timeline, to go without one would be foolish, but to let it rule your day would be far worse.