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The Ultimate Guide to Group Photos

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The Ultimate Guide to Group Photos

Most couples want them and most people hate them.

I totally understand why nobody wants to spend what feels like half the day stood around waiting for their name to be called so they can stand in a line just to grip and grin.

Here’s the thing, I feel your pain and this is why I’ve put together the ultimate guide to getting this part of the day done and dusted.


1)    Explain the importance of these photographs to your Photographer

Some people want them because it’s not often family get together and some people just want them purely to document who was there on the day. Each of those serves a different purpose and can therefore be treated differently.


2)    Start to think about the group photos that you really want, the important ones and don’t feel like you’ve got to have a group photo that involves 400 different combinations.

Typically group photographs are done after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast. Allowing anything from 1 hour to 3 hours for these to take place. Speaking to your Photographer is vital in working out what is realistically achievable in the time frame you are given.


3)    It’s always handy at this time of day to have someone from the Bridal Party to assist the Photographer to gather those necessary people together. Quickly and Effectively.

We try to meet as many people as we can, to remember names with faces and which ‘side’ people belong to but it can be a lot to remember.


4)    Explain to your Photographer (preferably beforehand) the importance, mobility and needs of those involved.

Personally speaking, before the day itself, I like to put together a list of the group photographs wanted and place them in a specific order that works best. This information lets me know that if Nana Pat can’t stand around too long, I can make the photographs involving her a top priority. Likewise with small children.


5)    During the Group Photos it is a brilliant time for Uncle Bob to jump in and grab some photographs of his own. Only now, you don’t know which way to look. Half of the people are looking at Uncle Bob and the other half are looking at the hired photographer.

This happens, it’s expected. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to take their own photographs. Me? I usually just allow Uncle Bob to grab one after I’m done. Just understand that this can delay the process.


6)    Knowing when and where you would like them to take place is key.

Simply providing this information to your photographer will enable things to run much more smoothly and allow you to enjoy more time having fun.


7)    Statistically, having them right after the ceremony gives you a higher chance of everyone being present.

There’s nothing worse than waiting around whilst Auntie Di has nipped to the bar and Little Peter has had to nip to the bathroom or even worse, guests have started making their way home or onto the next destination.


8)    Expect things might change.

Sometimes, right after the ceremony might not be the best practical time, maybe it’s raining, maybe the canapés came out early or maybe you would much rather say hello to your guests. That’s all completely fine, just remember to let your Photographer know.


9)    Be specific about the type of Group photos you want.

Do you want funny, creative, traditional, grip and grins? The sooner you let your Photographer know, the better. It’s a fantastic way to document everyone who shared your big day with you but if you wanted serious and the photographer has opted for more of a funny pose, it’s too little too late. Which brings me on to my last point…


10)  Speak to your Photographer.

It’s as simple as that, the sooner you arrange the who, the where, the how with your photographer the sooner you can rest assured they are in good hands. Take a look at their portfolio also. Some photographers are open to suggestions at this time of day because we understand the importance of the photos. Other’s might have a simple and systematic way of dealing with things that they know works.

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