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These 5 Things Might Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day.

These 5 things might go wrong on your Wedding day.

Nobody wants to see a title like that. I mean, why would you? You’re all set for the biggest day of your life (so far), happily going along and then this and to top it all off it's Monday Morning

Why would anyone do this?

Because, of Murphy’s Law (and because deep down, I think you really ought to know)

1)    Someone will be late
It’s trivial, it’s no big deal but chances are it will happen. There is no need to worry in the slightest.

2)    Lines will go wrong
Whether it’s the officiant getting the name wrong during the ceremony or The Groom skipping a line in his speech. Emotions are high, nerves are on end. Chances are it will happen, it’s fine, it’s ok. Laugh it off and move on.

3)    Someone won’t show up.
It’s just a fact of life, things happen beyond our control. Last minute emergencies that need taking care of.

4)    Your timeline can change
As solid as your timeline might be, 99% of the time it is out of your hands. Things can and do over run. Relax…. Go with it.

5)    Something will get lost
There’s a lot of stuff out and sprawled across the room in the morning. Hair pins, combs, phone chargers. These things mysteriously disappear. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a phone call from the venue or your best friend the next day telling you they’ve found them and all is safe.


There are a lot of moving parts to a Wedding. An awful lot. The truth is, to expect that something will go wrong. But know that you can deal with it and you won’t let it bother you. Anything that is vitally important, consider a backup. Extra table decorations, extra pins, extra phone chargers, extra pillows or whatever it is. Anything except a backup Bride or Groom… I’m not sure that one would go down so well.