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Those Last 5 Minutes

The moment right before any couple get to marry is absolutely special, but last Saturdays Wedding I got to thinking why personally, I find it really special.

As the officiant briefed Nick and Neil (His best man) I turned to her and said “This is always one of my favourite parts of the day”

“The ceremony?” she replies

“No, I mean this! Right now!” ….

It wasn’t until I got home and I started looking though the images, that I remembered the brief conversation.

It got me thinking….

Why is it I find it so special? Then it hit me…. It’s that moment of excitement, that moment of nerves. You know that when you turn to see your partner for the first time you’re going to be amazed and breathless at their beauty. But most of all, it’s because I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve felt all of that. I know exactly how those last 5 minutes feel before those doors open. It’s that magic of being able to relate your own story in to what you see right in front of you.

Nick was incredibly calm on the day. I asked him if he was nervous, to which he answered “no, I feel alright actually”. He looked it. He was calm, he was collected…

Until those last 5 minutes… Then, I believe it hit him….

Thanks for reading.

Venue: Shustoke Farm Barns - Shustoke Barn, Coleshill Road, Shustoke, Coleshill B46 2BL