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Tinned Meals or 5 Star Meals?

Tinned Meals or 5 Star Meals?

If I presented you with the choice of Tinned Meals or 5 Star Meals, I would happily hazard a guess that you would choose the 5 Star Meals. Those skeptical among us, would ask “What’s the catch?” and you’d be right to ask that question. In fact…. Always ask that question.

So if I then went on to say...

Your 5 Star Meals also come with 5 Star Accommodation, in any single destination you want. Your Tinned Meals come with a Camper Van.

Now you might be thinking several things:

Sure, I’ll take the 5 Star option

Sure, I’ll take the Tinned Meals and Camper Van

What type of Tinned Meals?

Where exactly is all of this going?

But then, there are those that are still a little skeptical, It might seem like such a bizzare choice, that surely, there has to be a catch and guess what… There is.


You can either have the 5 Star option, live the life of a King/Queen in any single destination that you want… But ONLY for one week.


You can take the Tinned Meals, take the Camper Van and tour Europe or The World whenever you like.

Which do you pick? And why?


Do you take the 5 Star Option in a single location, knowing that you will have a once in a life time experience. Then return to reality a week later. Or do you take the Travelling knowing that you can see far more of the World, experience far richer culture and each time come back with much less of a reality ‘hit’?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Different people are going to choose different options because that’s exactly what makes us human.

And now…. The spin……

So what has this got to do with Photography?

Ok… Everyone knows that when planning a Wedding, there is always a budget involved. Regardless of what that budget is, there is always one.

Your 5 Star Option is the decision NOT to hire a Wedding Photographer (Did you see that coming?!). Instead you spend that money on a little more luxury. You have a wonderful time, living like King and Queen for the day, but then it’s back to reality.

Your Tinned Meals are the decision to hire a Wedding Photographer. You made a little sacrifice here and there (It’s easier to do than you might imagine) but you have your photographs, to look at anytime you want.

Neither is the right or wrong choice. What you value, is what you value.