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Top tips for the Grooms Speech

Top tips for the Grooms Speech


It’s easy right? All you’ve got to do is Thank everyone for turning up and tell the room how beautiful your wife is?

… Not exactly.


See Gents, this is your time to speak (probably your last). It’s quite literally your time to shine. My advice would be to make use of it. Regardless of how “easy” it might be. You really want to wow your audience and of course, your wife and new family! But a word of caution.. go easy on the “shining”. This is a day about you both, don’t overdo the self promotion ;)


So, here’s a few of my top tips


1) Don’t just Google a speech.

Just don’t! Use it for inspiration (possibly at a push) but, as I said above you have literally 2 tasks to cover. Using Google for your speech is just boring. Along with this, I can guarantee you 90% of the room would have heard that joke you just Googled before. You know… the, “It’s such an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers”… Yeah…. That one.


2) Practice in front of mirror.

Yes, it’s nothing new, a tried and tested approach but if you really want to nail that speech then practice makes perfect. A good point here is to time yourself, maybe even record your speech so you can play it back and listen to your voice. Not many people like the sound of their own voice but it will enable you to see if you are talking clearly and loud enough.


3) Don’t Drone on

So, I said it was your time to speak, but don’t make it timely. They say a good average is 3 – 5 mins. So try keep it within that time frame.


4) Don’t make it too quick

The opposite to the above. Don’t just stand up and say “Thanks… She looks great”


5) Be Specific

Use people’s names, point out exactly what you are thanking them for. Peoples ears will defiantly prick up when you use names, guaranteed to grab attention across the whole room. On that note, when you talk about your wife and your life together so far, be specific with detail. The little things, the day to day things, the things you are looking forward to for the rest of your life.


6) Write a poem

Yeah… I’m going to throw this one out there. Why? Because that’s exactly what I did and for the first time ever, I’m going to share that with you

Here’s exactly what I said in my poem…

(Note: I’m not a poet, so please, bear with it)

You look incredibly amazing

That dress is perfect,

Like i know our marriage will be


We'll have our up's

We'll have our downs

But as a unit, a family, we're 3


You make me so happy

Words can't explain

So I hope that a poem will do


Speak from the heart

True words are spoken

My wife, you know I love you


From the moment I saw you

You had to be mine

I’ve got you and maybe I've won


But that is a battle

I'm willing to fight

Until my last breath is done


Everything that you've done

I owe you so much

I'll try my best to return it to you


From your support and your strength

Your patience and love

I love you so much it is true


But today is your day

So make it a good one

Drink and be merry with all


Chat to your friends

And dance to the songs

Basically just have a ball


So at the end of the night,

When we're both drunk

And everybody has wished us good luck


We'll go up to bed

And strip off our clothes,

So that we can just have a good... (pause)


Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like you to be upstanding and raise your glasses please...


7) Be a Gent

I get it, that whole macho status you hold is what makes you a MAN. You’re the Hunter, the Alpha, you demand and you get….

But for once, just switch that off. Sure, you’ll get “ribbed” by your friends for a while, but, you know what…. It’ll be worth it…

They’re not the person you’re waking up to, everyday……. for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And finally,

8) Speak up

If you’ve got a quiet voice and a big room to fill consider using a microphone. Nobody really wants to struggle to listen to a speech or even worse, getting through the whole thing and turning to the person next to them asking “What did he say?”

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