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Understanding Light

Understanding light is what you may expect your photographer to know and whilst we hope this is correct. It doesn’t hurt to have a little understanding yourself.

Light comes in all shapes and sizes. Direct, diffused, dappled, large, small, direct, indirect, natural, artificial and I haven’t even mentioned the colour temperatures.

The point is, at a very basic level, light is necessary for a photograph. The light will also shape the overall image. For example, you can’t expect to get bright and airy images from a location with very little light. Sure, there are ways to add light into a scene (In certain circumstances) but this also changes the ambience of an image.

What you can begin to understand by all of this is how your images may begin to look.

If you’re looking at a photographers images and in the ceremony there is a lot of light that appears to be window light. It’s important to note, If your ceremony location doesn’t have window light the look will be entirely different.

Your choice in venue might well effect your choice in photographer. If it’s a dark venue with very little window light then will there be a need for artificial light? Is this something your photographer is proficient with?

During morning preparations it’s always a good idea to sit close to a window, this also gives your hair and makeup artists (if applicable) very nice light to work in and it can also be a very flattering light.

You don’t need to understand light in the same degree as your Photographer but having a little bit of understanding might help with your choice in location (and time of year – discussed later).

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