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Winter Weddings or Summer Weddings – Things To Consider

When it comes to picking the time of year for your BIG day, sometimes the decision isn’t so black and white.

Firstly, as we all know the weather isn’t exactly predictable and whilst you can typically hazard a guess and be fairly accurate, it’s never really a guarantee.

One of the most important things to consider, in terms of your Photography and your Wedding Photographer is the time of year and the sunrise and sunset timings.

Summer days are much longer and the sun is much higher in the sky. The downside is that on a cloudless day, sunlight can be harsh and in an outdoor setting, everyone can be squinting (especially those who didn’t pack their sunglasses).

Winter days are much shorter, the sun is lower in the sky and it’s often much darker throughout the day. If you’re looking for some sunset or after dark photographs, how is your photographer with artificial lighting? What happens if things over run and the light levels drop increasingly?

If you’re looking for those magic golden hour photographs, what time is your ceremony due to finish? How is your Timeline looking? What about the Wedding Breakfast? The last thing you want to find out is that you’re halfway through your meal during this golden time.

Likewise, if you’re looking for the golden hour images during a Summer Wedding, what time is your photographer staying until? And more importantly, at that time of the evening, are you going to want to have them taken or will you to put on your flats and let your hair down a little.

As a rough guide, here’s a few timings for you to consider…


March 15th 2018 Sunset – 18:13

July 15th 2018 Sunset – 21:26

November 15th 2018 Sunset – 16:15

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