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Storrs Hall – Brett Harkness Wedding Photography Training

Storrs Hall – Brett Harkness Wedding Photography Training

What better way to start the wedding season than learning from one of the UK’s finest Wedding Photographers offering incredibly educational, hands on and fun Wedding Training Workshops.

Those of you who’ve followed me for a while will no doubt have seen his name before and if you haven’t, well… you’re in for a treat.

Brett is arguably one of the UK’s finest Wedding Photographers.. period. His work speaks volumes, his passion even more so, but the biggest thing is, he’s still very active in the Industry. I’ve lost count of the amount of Wedding Photographers turned Educators that I’ve seen and frankly, with things constantly changing, It doesn’t take long until what you’re being taught is already out dated.

So, on to the course…

Set in Storrs Hall, Windermere where the views are simply stunning. I arrived on Sunday evening and had the great fortune of chatting to Brett, Richard and 2 other attendees over a drink. I’ve said this many times, Brett really should write a book. The story’s in which he has to tell are not only entertaining and educational, they are a huge eye opener. To summarise, I would say this… Brett has worked damn hard to get to where he is today and he continues to do so, with everything that he does. Have you ever met someone and just by listening to them speak you find yourself inspired? .. That’s Brett.

Onto the day, the Morning started off with learning bits about what Brett does and why he does it. A slideshow of his gallery featuring some draw dropping imagery.

Before lunch (and whilst the weather was on our side) we took to one of the rooms and Brett gave us a rundown of his approach to Bridal preparations. In the afternoon we took to outside… It is at this point we were hit by the elements. The temperature dropped, the rain belted it down but the smiles still remained all round and the day turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

This is what it looked like…

I would highly recommend Brett’s Wedding Workshops to anyone looking to either break into the field, up their game, or even if you wanted to just photograph some amazing models, with some amazing people under amazing instruction (That’s a lot of amazing I realise!).

For me, education has always played a huge role in my development. I’m always wanting to push myself, to learn new things and expand my skillset and frankly, Brett’s Workshop’s cover it all.

Special Thanks to Brett and Richard (Brett’s assistant – An unsung hero). To the Models Jess and Johnny from Pandoras Box Performers.

Important Links:

Brett’s Website - https://www.brettharknessphotography.com/
Brett’s Training - https://www.brettharknesstraining.com/

And finally…. I’ve been touting my “new camera” on Facebook for a while now and some of you may be thinking it’s a brag post.

Honestly, I guess in some odd kind of way, it is…. but not for the reason you might be thinking.

With lots of discussions of gear and mirrorless tech, having or wanting the latest and greatest is something that's quite easy to lust for.

I wanted to push myself.

So I decided to take a step back...

A step back to March 2005 with the release of the Nikon D2Hs. A 4.1mp camera with 11 focus points.

You see, I acquired this camera not so long ago for the total sum of £50. It's got 320,000 shutter actuation’s. It's absolutely battered. The directional pads up button doesn't work. You have to use the AF-ON button on the vertical grip and spin the dial to adjust the focus point, the settings keep resetting themselves, the spin dials are stiff.... it's basically been absolutely hammered... but it's built like a tank!

Combined with the 35mm 1.8 DX lens (you can get hold of for sub £100). It brings the grand total to £150.

£150 and it gives out images like this*...

Are they award winning? No.
Could you print them large? More than likely not.
Would I use this at a wedding? I think I'd be a little insane.

It was a simple fun learning exercise, backing up the statement that there really is no substitute for solid photography training and education.

*Excluding 2 images which were taken using a 14mm Wide Angle Lens.

Thanks for Reading,

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